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Let our LAW FIRM be a helping hand in your property purchase.

Bufete Capellà consists of a group of professionals who we consider to be our greatest asset. Within the Firm, the people who make up the company have made the commitment to deal with the cases that are assigned to them with the greatest professionalism and efficiency.

Dealing directly and personally with our clients is the basis of our service. Each of our clients will be assisted, with complete confidentiality, by the professional who best meets the requirements of his case and, depending on the nature of each case, by the other members of the office who, according to the area of expertise, can contribute to achieving the best possible result for the client.

We have expertise in many areas, and in particular, in property law. We work to provide a service in which the client, whether buying or selling enjoys a trouble free procedure, as we recognise the best service to our clients is to ensure they will not be involved in a dispute in the future. We also advise those clients who wish to invest in rental proprieties or Real Estate developments and residential tourism complexes.

The Firm has close relationships with property managers, financial institutions, builders, and global investment funds. Today we have close links with lawyers based all over the world, in particularly Germany, and are looking to achieve the same cooperation with lawyers and Real Estate Agents based in Scandinavia.



            This specialisation, within the civil law, but with specific content, regulates everything related to property.

        Our Senior Partner and Founder Mr. Miquel Capellà’s career demonstrate our strengths in this area. He has been the president of the European Federation of Building Societies since 2001. In addition in 2006 was named Honorific Counsel for the Republic of Croatia in Balearic Islands.


            The practise in this area covers the different aspects of property law, including the transfer of all types of property assets, rentals, as well as the execution of various different planning procedures.

                Throughout our professional career, we have been able to adapt our knowledge to global changes, this fact has made us one of the best-recognised law firms in the Balearic Islands where thousands of people attend every year, drawn by the incomparable climatic conditions, beaches and political stability come on holiday and many choose to establish their second residence or plan their retirement here.

                Once our client has chosen the property he wishes to purchase, Bufete Capellà will support him throughout the procedure, starting with the first face-to-face contact with de seller and finishing with the delivery of the keys and the liquidation of fees and taxes required under Spanish Law.

Some of the services we are experienced in, are:

·         Conveyancing

·         Option to purchase contracts

·         Contracts relating to deposit payments

·         Mortgage law:

§  Preparation of mortgage deeds

§  Mortgage foreclosure

§  Cancellation of interest base clauses (“floor clauses”)

·         Horizontal or Commonhold property. Owners associations

·         Structural and hidden effects in buildings 

·         Changes who common areas and works carried without permission

·         Non-payment of debts by owners

·         Preparations of rental contracts

·         Foreclosures and evictions

·         Recovery of rents

·         Cancellation of rental contracts

·         Rent reviews

·         Administrative property law: 

§  Urban leases

§  Legalization of building works

§  Compulsory purchase

§  Bankruptcy declarations

§  Subsidies and grants

§  Planning permissions


Our many international connections, plus our local client base, includes many business sectors. This enables us to provide each client with the best advice on property development, purchase and rentals, investment and disinvestment.

We advise international investors on many issues, including:

  • Designing legal and tax structures for the purchase, sale, investment and management of real estate projects
  • Advising real estate promoters throughout the promotion and construction process, the preparation and negotiation of contracts for sale, lease and hotel management, and the purchase of real estate projects:
    • Due diligence reviews
    • Sale and purchase of land
    • Sale and purchase of real estate projects
    • Planning and environmental issues
    • Construction, architectural, and project design contracts
    • Liability of building agents
    • Financing
    • Ownership, lease and management of assets
  • Sale of real estate projects to institutional and private investors, real estate funds and individuals
  • Financing contracts for the promotion, sale and purchase of real estate projects
  • Monitoring, refinancing, restructuring and enforcement of guarantees


            We have a lot of experience in advising on real estate investment funds, including advice to open and closed funds, institutionalised and private funds, and national and international funds, whose objectives are the purchase, development, management and sale of services and residential assets.

We advise our clients during the entire investment process, from the tax law structuring of the investment to the implementation and financing of vehicles and the negotiation of acquisitions. We advise on the day-to-day issues related to the investment’s development, and on its eventual disinvestment.

Our Law firm provides advice on several issues among which are:

Corporate real estate: structuring of investments, shareholders’ agreements, ongoing advice on commercial matters, advice on acquisitions and transfers (due diligence, drafting and negotiation of contracts).

Tax: planning of investment, financing and disinvestment structures, ongoing advice on issues relating to tax.

Financing: loans and credit, endorsements and guarantees.

Land planning: review and processing of licences and urban planning instruments.

Construction: execution of building works.


This department has been created as a strategic partner to the legal area of the office. In this way those clients who need to, can receive support backed by a guarantee of comprehensive advice when they have to formalize their operations.

At the same time, from this department we can offer our clients high quality advice for small and medium enterprises, providing tailor-made solutions based on advice which is both personalised and complete.




Lawyer Since 1974 Honours Degree from UIB

International commercial Law, International Trade Law, real estate and bankruptcy Law

President of "Sa Nostra" Caixa de Balears Until 2002

Board of Directors of the Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks until 2002

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Croatia in the Balearic Islands

President of the European Federation of Building Societies



Horizontal Property and leases. Real Estate Law, Construction and Urban Planning.

Patrimonial responsibility of the Administration. Civil Liability and Damages.

Law degree from the University of Salamanca

Master in Management and Tax Administration by ESADE

Master in General Management from the Business School ESADE

Course in Planning Law and Planning (UIB)

Master in Business Law (UIB)



Civil Law with emphasis in property Law (Real Estate).

Marketing, management and business development

Law degree from the University of the Balearic Islands UIB

Seminar on legal epigraphy. (UIB)

Criminal Law and Criminology (UIB)

Intensive course of Canon Law



Specialist in Tax and Accounting and Financial analysis

Degree in Economics (UIB 2004). 

Master in Tax by REAF San Pablo CEU Business School

BNI Ambassador BNI / President and Vice President of BNI Aliances

External Advisory PIMECO since 2012.