About Us

Bufete Capellà consists of a group of professionals who we consider to be our greatest asset. Behind the firm, the people who make up the company have made the commitment to deal with the cases that are assigned to them with the greatest professionalism and efficiency.

Dealing directly and personally with our clients is the basis of our service. Each of our clients will be assisted, with complete confidentiality, by the professional who best meets the requirements of his case and, depending on the nature of each case, by the other members of the office who, according to the area of expertise, can contribute to achieving the best possible result for the client. The experience gained has taught us that working as a team significantly increases the abilities and experience of each team member.

We know that when our clients have a dispute they want to win, and when they have a problem they want to resolve it and we devote all our energy, knowledge and experience to achieve this. But we also know that the best service to our clients is to avoid their having a dispute. Therefore, when we negotiate a contract, review a document, design the tax structure of an operation or company, we know that there is an added value: the client’s security. For this reason the best dispute is not the one that you win, but the one that you do not have to begin.

Our experience is backed by our participation in complex operations and legal negotiations in different economic sectors such as banks, tourism, franchises, property and the building industry among others, as well as in complex legal proceedings before all the legal authorities.

All this has enabled us to become a firm of lawyers and consultants to companies, in tune with the times, and with a clear, global calling, both at a national and international level.

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