Bufete Capella

Civil law

The field of civil law is one of the widest in content and forms the essence and basis for legal relationships in our society. It is, in fact, the branch that is most commonly present in the actions of our daily life since it governs private relations between individuals.

In our firm we are specialists in mediation or the defence of our clients before the courts.

Specifically we have specialists in drawing up civil contracts, inheritance and family law who, acting in concert with our experts in other areas, are able to provide comprehensive legal advice.

Contracting: Conveyancing, usufructs, easements, pledges (liens), deposits etc.

Customers and users: Guarantees in the acquisition of consumer goods.

Inheritance law: Division of inheritance, declaration of heirs, preparation and review of notarial acts, advice and preparation of special testamentary clauses etc.

Family law: separations, divorces, paternity, adoption, statement of disability, marriage settlements etc.

Horitzontal or Commonhold property law and owners’ associations.

Leases, construction, conveyancing and general property law.

Contractual and non-contractual civil liability: medical responsibility, responsibility for injury, structural defects, debt recovery.

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