Bufete Capella

Procedural law

This area is concerned with counselling and the management of all the judicial proceedings and arbitrations in the office.

The manner in which the procedural specialists work is based on counselling, focusing on prevention based on contractual arrangements and guarantees that permit the defence of our clients’ interests without the need to resort to judicial proceedings

When preventative measures are not viable, the high level of qualification of our lawyers, as well as their experience and knowledge of the courts, guarantees that each lawsuit is approached and settled in the best interests of the client.

Within this department the following services, among others, are carried out:

  • Preparatory proceedings and protective measures
  • Oral and regular trial in all matters (monetary claims, building defects, non-compliance and cancellation of contracts, leases, horizontal or commonhold property, challenges to wills, legal proceedings relating to contracts involving insurance and banks (“floor clauses”, swap etc.).
  • Applications for review, nullity, appeals, infractions of the law and cassation.
  • Court ordered foreclosures and extrajudicial cases.
  • Enforcement and recognition of foreign judgements.
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